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Online Boat Licence Training in QLD

Getting behind the helm of a boat to explore the open Australian waters is a special experience. However, it’s a legal requirement in Queensland for you to obtain a boat licence. If you’re not sure where to start, call us and we can help you with the first step which is: passing your theory test online for your boat licence in QLD. If you can drive a car, you can operate a water-based vessel. The key is to have a basic understanding of the fundamental rules and to follow the proper process to acquire a boat licence.

What are the Stipulations?

The Queensland government stipulates that anyone over 16 requires a marine licence to operate a vessel with an engine power of 4.5 kW or bigger. The boat can only be used for recreational, surf lifesaving and other community activities. However, business, trade or commerce are prohibited.

To acquire a marine licence in Queensland, you must pass a BoatSafe course, which means you must disclose your medical fitness status upfront. After that, the trainer issues you with a statement of competency to start the online boat licence theory application process in QLD. Note that the competency statement of competency is valid for six months upon completing the BoatSafe course, while your QLD boat licence obtained online itself is valid for life.

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Theory and Practical

Boat Licence Gold Coast

Our team assists you with the theoretical and practical components so you can get out on the water with the necessary qualifications and knowledge for a safe trip. We cater for beginners and experienced operators alike. No matter the stage of your boating journey, our team provides all the advice and assistance for your online boat licence theory test that you may need in QLD. We even offer a combined boat and jet ski licence.

We take our job seriously and focus on the relevant government regulations for licencing. We adhere to Queensland Maritime Safety’s boat competency standards and never take shortcuts with your licensing process.

How Does it Work?

  1. The first step is to book a date and complete the online theory section. The theory is important for a good understanding of the basics before moving on to your practical. This part of the process takes about four hours, so set time aside in your schedule before you begin your practical.

  2. Once you’ve completed the theory portion of the process, print the online certificate and bring it to your practical. Complete the application and medical forms – they contain crucial information before proceeding with the licencing process.

  3. Be sure to dress for a day of boating when you arrive at your appointment for the practical, which is conducted on our modern training vessels. Your trainer will demonstrate all the necessary manoeuvres before you get behind the helm and guide you through a series of navigation exercises.

  4. Once all the training has been provided and you feel confident, you move on to the assessment part of your practical day. The assessment consists of all the exercises or competencies that your trainer guided you through.

Receive Your Marine Licence for Queensland

Contact us to start the process of becoming a qualified skipper. If you are successful, it will be our privilege and honour to award you your marine licence for Queensland. In terms of pricing, we are highly cost-competitive, so you do not have to worry about exceeding your budget.

Boat Licence Gold Coast