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How a Jetski Licence on the Gold Coast Promotes Safety

It is important to know that valid watercraft licences are required before a person may enjoy their powerboat or jetski on public waters in Australia. The purpose of this regulation is the safety of the operator and other people in the vicinity by preventing accidents caused through ignorance of the inherent dangers of powered watercraft. Gold Coast Marine Licences provides accredited training for the jetski licence on the Gold Coast.

The Legal Setting For A Jetski Licence in Queensland

The State of Queensland dictates that operators of certain types of watercraft must own a valid licence for that particular craft if they are to use it legally on public or open waterways and the open sea. The executive summary for the broad process to “get my jetski licence” in Queensland is as follows:

  • Only someone who is in valid possession of the required marine licences may operate any watercraft with an engine rated at 4.5 kW or greater. The only exception to this rule is if a supervisor with a valid marine licence on board who can take control of the craft at all times.
  • You may only use a watercraft for recreational, school, and community purposes. If you use it for commercial or trade purposes, you require different licences and permits than those for recreational purposes.
  • You require a recreational marine licence and a personal watercraft licence to legally ride a jetski on Queensland waterways for recreation purposes. A Queensland marine licence is valid for life. Valid interstate licences can be used to acquire a QLD licence without retesting.
  • You may apply for a marine licence at the nearest transport and motoring customer service centre or QGAP office that provides marine licensing services to the public. Applicants must present a completed marine licence application (F2334), proof of identity, current statement of competency, and the licence fee.
  • A printed marine licence receipt indicates whether a recreational marine licence, personal watercraft licence, or both were issued. An updated Queensland driver’s licence with the new boating license indicated will also be issued and sent to the applicant’s registered address. In case of an interstate application, a special boating licence card will be issued.
  • A valid boat licence is a prerequisite for obtaining a jetski licence unless you apply for both licences at the same time.

Statement of Competency For a Jetski Licence

The recreational marine licence and the personal watercraft licence are both issued on the fact of the statement of competency issued by a registered training facility. Acquiring this SoC is crucial to obtaining the licences and, in general, requires both a theoretical and a practical examination. To this end, Gold Coast Marine Licences offers applicants the following beneficial procedure towards their statement of competency:

  • Start by booking a seat on the course. We run courses at Southport and Coomera, allowing applicants to choose the most convenient location.
  • Complete the short, online theoretical course for the jetski licence in QLD. This module takes approximately four hours to complete, after which a BoatSafe Online Certificate is issued. The certificate must be printed out and presented to the instructor before the practical commences, along with a medical disclosure form.
  • The practical test takes place at the booked time and location. The applicants are tested on their actual knowledge of the theoretical module and how to apply it to real situations. Applicants also receive hands-on instruction appropriate for their licence type and skill level.
  • The instructor issues a statement of competency if they are satisfied that the applicant has sufficient knowledge to be a responsible watercraft operator. The SoC is valid for six months, within which time the applicant must apply for their specific recreational marine licence or QLD jetski licence.

About Gold Coast Marine Licences

We have been training recreational mariners for over five years, ensuring safe boating and holidays for our many students. We provide more than the minimum by also sharing our extensive knowledge of sea and freshwater conditions on the Gold Coast with our students. This attitude imparts respect for the dangers of the sea and to always place safety first when out on the water.

Contact us if you have any questions about passing the jetski licence test.

Jetski Licence Gold Coast


Our practical day starts with a theory exam then onto the Jetski for your training.

Your training consists of series competencies as directed by Maritime safety Queensland’s boat competency standards.

Your trainer will demonstrate all manoeuvres then it’s time for you to grab the helm and be guided by your trainer through a series of exercises to get you confident in navigating the vessel.

Once all your training has been provided and you are feeling confident you will move onto the assessment part of your practical day.

The assessment consists of all the exercises (competencies) that your trainer has guided you throughout the day.

Boat and Jetski Licence Gold Coast