Book a Boat or Jetski Licence Test

In Queensland, it’s illegal to operate a boat or jetski without obtaining the appropriate licence. Not to worry, though, because here at Gold Coast Marine Licence, we offer regular boat and jetski licence tests to help you travel on the water safely and legally.

Booking Your Jetski or Boat Licence Test

When you book a jetski or boat licence test with us, we’re more than happy to accommodate your needs. We offer individual tests or a combination of both to ensure you conveniently sit for the licencing you’re after. Please note, however, that if sitting for your jet ski test, you MUST already hold a boat licence.

We have two Gold Coast locations: Southport and Jacobs Well.

  • Southport — Thursday – Sunday from 7am, boat and jetski licences.
  • Jacobs Well — Sunday from 7am, boat and jetski licences.

Book your licence test with us today!

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