Boat Licence Gold Coast

Boat License Gold Coast

We Can Help You Obtain a Boat License on the Gold Coast

Few things can compare to getting behind the helm of a jet ski or boat and exploring the open Australian waters. It’s incredibly fun, which is why a fair number of people enjoy boating as a hobby. However, it’s a legal requirement for you to obtain a boat license on the Gold Coast. If you want to one day own a jet ski or boat and have your friends or family on board as you showcase your skills as a skipper, you’d have to pass the boat licence exam. If you’re unsure about where to start, the team at Gold Coast Marine Licenses can assist with either a jet ski or boat license, and if you prefer, you can acquire a combination of these.

Everything You Should Know About a Boat Licence in Queensland

Operating a water-based vessel is the same as driving a car. You must fully understand the rules before you get behind the helm. While most skippers have a basic understanding of these rules, there’s a small portion of them who haven’t followed the proper processes to acquire a boat licence. If you’re that person or you’re passionate about being at the helm of a boat or heading out on a jet ski, you should obtain a professional license. As per the Queensland government, these are essential factors concerning a boat license in the state.

  • In this state, everybody over the age of 16 requires a marine license to operate a vessel with an engine power of 4.5 kilowatts or greater. You can only use the boat for recreational activities, surf lifesaving, and other community activities, while using it for business, trade, or commerce is illegal. If you want to use a personal watercraft, you’d need both the recreational marine license and the personal watercraft license.
  • According to the law, you can operate a boat or personal watercraft without a license, provided that there’s a supervisor with the proper marine licences onboard. The superior must be able to take immediate control of the vessel in the case of an emergency. When you want to take your friends out for some water skiing and other towing activities, you must possess a valid QLD boat licence.
  • To acquire a marine license in Queensland, you must pass a BoatSafe course. Enrolling on this course requires you to disclose your medical fitness status before training. If you do have some medical concerns, the instructor can advise you about the processes of obtaining a marine license with existing medical conditions. After completing the BoatSafe course, the trainer will issue you with a statement of competency that you require to start the application process for the marine licence in this state. Bear in mind that the statement of competency is valid for six months from the completion of the BoatSafe course, while your boat licence in QLD is valid for life.
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Once you’ve decided and told yourself that you’re ready to “get my boat licence”, you need a reputable trainer in your corner. We’ll ensure that you receive all the information you need through our boat licence course. After passing this test, you will have a valid marine license to operate a boat or jet ski on our waterways.

Gold Coast Boat Licence Exam
  • We understand that boaters have different skill levels, and some may have had training in the past and need a refresher. For this reason, we cater to both beginners and seasoned skippers. You’re never too old or young to learn, and our team will impart knowledge that will help you in theory and practice.
  • Acquiring a marine license is serious business as once you’re behind the helm, you’re responsible for your passengers and other people on the water. To ensure that we maintain high standards, we offer our courses based on Maritime’s Safety Queensland’s boat competency requirements. We believe in adhering to government regulations that translate to safer waters.
  • Whether you want to acquire a boat or jet ski licence, we can offer you the necessary training and assist with your boat licence test. Alternatively, if you wanted to do a combination of both, that wouldn’t be a problem and would be better for you in the long term. Our team will take care of both the theory and practical parts of the course to ensure that we deliver high-quality graduates.
  • The process to follow is pretty straightforward as we’ll require you to reserve a date that suits you for your theory and practical exams. After your booking, you must complete the theory section of the course, which you can do online. The theory test is lengthy and requires four hours for you to complete, so make sure that you have enough time available and set aside all other tasks for the day.
  • Completing the theory section is an excellent accomplishment, and when finished, you must print out the certificate to take through to the next stage of the boat license exam. Along with your certificate, you must download some medical and application forms that offer us essential information before proceeding to the next phase of the exam. Once everything is in order, we’ll ask you to come through on the date you booked for the practical assessment. Dress appropriately and apply your theory to the practical section. If you are successful, it will be our privilege and honour to award you with your marine license for the state.

About Gold Coast Marine Licenses

We are a reputable company in the region offering passionate boaters the opportunity to qualify themselves with a valid marine license. Our Captain Nathan Jeffree is a well-known skipper on the Gold Coast with maritime experience both inshore and offshore. You can be confident that you’re learning from the best, and by the time you acquire your license, you’ll be an excellent skipper.


In terms of pricing, we’re upfront with it to ensure that you can manage your budget accordingly. Furthermore, there won’t be any nasty financial surprises when you conclude the course. Contact us to start the process of making you a qualified skipper.


Our practical day starts with a theory exam then onto the boat for your training.

Your training consists of a series competencies as directed by Maritime safety Queensland’s  boat competency standards.

Your trainer will demonstrate all manoeuvres then it’s time for you to grab the helm and be guided by your trainer through a series of exercises to get you confident in navigating the vessel.

Once all your training has been provided and you are feeling confident you will move onto the assessment part of your practical day.

The assessment consists of all the exercises(competencies) that your trainer has guided you throughout the day.

Boat Licence Gold Coast